10 Google+ Circles Marketers Should Follow



Presently marketers tend to rely on social media vastly. They use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to remain at the forefront of industry news. Google+ is in the same list. All of we are very aware of its potentiality.



Now we will focus on the topic “10 Google+ Circles Marketers Should Follow”.


1. Active Tech Journalists and Thought Leaders:

This circle is made by tech evangelist Robert Scoble’s. Marketers will get much benefit from following this circle. There are dozens of key publications here.

 2. 101 Social Media Experts:

Gabriel Vasile is the founder of this circle. You will find all the top social media marketing strategists, freelancers, and experts here.

3. Best Bloggers on Google+:

Peter McDermott is the founder of this circle. There are more than 200 bloggers in this circle. Here you will find different marketing and industry news.

4. 132 Digital Agencies on Google+:

Reality Digital is the coordinator of this circle. There are 32 digital agencies here. It offers an agency perspective on the marketing world.

5. Engaging Brands on Google+:

Joe Martinez’s circle will give you the most engaging brands on the network. You will get ideas for your content strategy here.

6. Formidable Women in Tech:

Veronica Belmont’s circle will give you great information on business startups and online advertising. This is especially for women’s.

7. Professionals Focused on Engagement Marketing:

This is a great circle for successful campaign. It is a collection of experts focused on engagement. Will give you updates about relationship marketing, relationship management etc.

8. Google+ Community Managers:

It is Moshe Eshel’s circle. Consists of community managers and other Google staffers. Here you will get ideas about different advertising tools.

9. Marketing for Small Businesses:

If you have a small business this circle will be ideal for you. It is Vanessa Schneider’s Google+ circle. This circle will help to improve your marketing strategies.

10. Search Engine Optimization Experts:

we all know how effective Search engine optimization is for web traffic. To remain updated on the latest search engine marketing strategies you should follow this circle.


To be a successful social media marketer you should follow these circles in Google+. So, join today and remain updated.










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