10 Secret Facebook Features You Need To Be Using


Facebook Secret Features

We all use Facebook. Because Facebook is the most popular social media.There are miscellaneous new “features” Facebook often imposes upon us.We put together a list of our favorite Facebook features to help you take advantage.


In this article we are going to discuss about the topic ten Facebook features that you need to be using.


  • There is a feature to make a list of people you want to hide your pictures from.All you need to do is put them all into a “List.” To do so, click Account in the top right corner, and then click “Edit Friends.”


  • Do you know, there is a new photo viewer on Facebook? It is one that makes Facebook look like a slideshow. Yes, there is an option of it.



  • When you use Facebook apps, the apps often get access to your wall. This is very ridiculous. Click Account in the top right corner, then go to Privacy Settings. Then click “Edit Settings” to the right. Here you will find your desired option.


  • If you enable HTTPS, it greatly reduces your chance of getting your password swiped. This is a great option. It would keep your account secured.



  • Personalize your Facebook URL. Thus, people will easily find you. Click “Account” in the top right. Then go to “change” next to the Username. Now Type in something you like. Make sure it is available. Your new username will create a URL for you.


  • Download picture in full quality. Look down in the bottom corner of the picture viewer. Now click “Download” to get a full-quality copy of the image.



  • You could see all your friends’ birthdays in Google Calendar. All you need to do is access your birthday page. Very bottom and click “Export Birthdays.” Now subscribe to the Birthdays calendar using your computer’s default calendar app. You are done.


  • Facebook’s Desktop Notifications apps to always stay tuned. You can do it for both MAC and PC. Use Internet Explorer 9 and pin the Facebook website to your taskbar.


There are many others. Stay with us to be updated.








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