11 Tips To Enhance Your Digg User Experience

digg user experience

Digg user experience

Digg is a social network that unifies individuals with different opinions. It experience to be improved for all users.



In this article we are going to share all about some tips that should help you get the most out of Digg.



  • Submissions without avatars simply lack personality.Consider what it looks like to others when the avatars look as boring as the words on the page. You want to have something more to offer to your potential audience.


  • Digg has banned individuals who submitted stories that were repeated recaps of larger news stories. Expound upon the content. This media is susceptible to gaming you can get some pretty good stories promoted if you’re super-fast.



  • Digg is inherently a social news network.Befriending users allows you to associate with those who have similar interests.There are many alternatives that Digg users have entertained for communication.


  • Browse headlines that interest people. Write something that compels them to react and do so.



  • Your comment won’t serve as a vote. Each individual votes actually counts. So make sure to Digg the story. Participate in both.


  • Don’t Spam Keywords.It doesn’t do anything for your site’s visibility.



  • Don’t utilize gaming systems.This might be why Digg bury data is still not available for public consumption.


  • It is an English-Speaking site.Those stories were actually understandable by a largely tech crowd.



  • Digg bury data isn’t publicly available by Digg themselves. You can also find out if your story is buried by going to the DiggUpcoming Stories page.


  • Subscribe to Digg’s RSS Feed.You can navigate to the front page of Digg. The popular stories on Digg shift with trends. So, have a proper use of it for getting social media facility.



  • Show some activity.It’s not about submitting a story. You don’t have to Digg the most upcoming stories.You can build friendships more easily when the submitter notices that you just Dugg his/her story right around the time it was submitted.


These are all about. Try to follow all these for the best output.







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