5 Tips To Use delicious To Drive Blog Traffic

delicious traffic

Delicious Traffic

Del.icio.us works like an online social  bookmarking system. Rather than only being able to access your favourite websites from the browser on the computer where you saved them. Users register to use Del.icio.us and save content to their accounts. Del.icio.us can be viewed by anyone who visits the Del.icio.us website.



In this article we are going to share some exclusive tips with you to drive blog traffic.


1.  When you submit a piece of content to delicious try to take the time to write a great title for it. Users will see your submission and decide whether or not they want to click on that bookmark to read the original content or bookmark it.


2.  When you submit a piece of content try to take the time to write a description that will entice delicious users to click through to read the original content or bookmark it themselves. Pass by with great descriptions.


3.   Make sure you tag your bookmarks intuitively. Other users would search for to find content like what you’re bookmarking. The content you submit doesn’t have a chance to generate any interest and traffic if no one can find it.


4.   Ask your readers to bookmark it. Install the delicious Tag meter which will show your readers how many people have bookmarked your posts. They’ll often join in and bookmark it. When people see that others are bookmarking a post they’ll be interested.


5.   Build a network of friends on delicious. Develop relationships with readers. A strong group of del.icio.us friends can have a powerful influence in terms of drawing attention to bookmark submissions.


Delicious is very easy to use. You are given the opportunity to install two Delicious buttons to your web browser’s toolbar. It allows you to tag any web page to your Delicious bookmarks with one click of the mouse. So, try this for your blog today. It would be a great thing for you.






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