Google+VS Facebook:A Lesson in Target Audience



Those who have an online marketing business, know the term “audience” very well. You can term them also visitors. There are a variety of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and many other social media. Website owners and bloggers always want to have lots of visitors.



Today we are going to discuss the topic Google+ vs. Facebook in case of targeted audience.


Facebook is very popular social media. Personally, I have seen many bloggers having thousands of successes on Facebook. But in my case, it wasn’t good enough in an initial stage.  Google+ was a better platform for me. Recent reviews on Facebook have changed my ideas. Now I think that it could be different.

In March of 2009, I made a Face book page. It was named according to my site’s name. I used to share the new articles via my page. But after long 3 years there are only 200 likes. It’s very shocking news for a blogger. I was then astonished, there are some pages containing 200000+ likes. I am a member of Google+ for a long time. It was running good. January of 2013, Google+ announced Google+ Communities. It was my great opportunity to attend this. This option somehow increased my visitors. Within 7 months I got 2,000 followers on Google+. I was able to make a huge circle for my website. I was feeling stronger on Google+.

One of my friends had marketing business on Facebook. Last year he suggested me something special about Facebook. It was my great opportunity to be with him. This time I had a plan. I used some famous pages for campaigning my page. I also used some paying sites for increasing Facebook likes. Within 2 weeks my Facebook page likes became 3000. This page brought a huge crowd for my blog. I was thrilled.

I am not telling you that Google+ is worthless. Every social media can contribute equally to your marketing. But it is you, who should choose the best strategy. A good plan on a good platform could bring a huge success for you.






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