How I Got 1,58000 Stumbles on One Post



The word “traffic’ means money for a blogger or website owner. Social media is playing a giant role to direct traffic for a website. A couple thousand visits a day is not a hard matter now. It’s just need your hard work or, patience. could be a great source for your traffic.



In this article we are going to focus on how to get 158,000 Stumbles on one post.




The first thing that you should keep in mind is that your content should be unique and attractive. If your content can’t get the viewer’s attraction, your work would be worthless. Use very unique images and videos for your post. It would make your post remarkable. This site means social collaboration. So don’t behave like a selfish here. If they understand that you are submitting your own content, they may ban you. For this purpose you can use someone else, who will submit the post to StumbleUpon.

The next step is to continue your post. If you take a long break after every stumble, you will lose the regular followers. So, try to keep up a regular work. To keep the stumbles regular you can use the plugin. Using Sharebar plugin you can add a badge of StumbleUpon on your content. Thus, peoplecould stumble the article via their article. You can include “Tweet It” link to your html code for this purpose.


One thing to remind you, it consists of people who are looking for a few seconds or entertainment. These could be a great way of getting visitors. Don’t make one-time visitors. This will make a bad impression for your website. I personally encourage people to use this method. This can increase the number of visitors. Not but the least, don’t forget to make a great profile. Like other social media marketing this could be a great chance for you.









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