How to become a social media guru

social media guruClimbing the heights to become a Social Media Guru is not too tough now.

In this article we are going to share with you on how you can become a Master Guru of Social Media!

Learn how to automate everything:

Art of automation I important to know. Some inexperienced people in the social media world choose to manually craft their social media updates or perhaps selectively automate certain tasks.

All Social Networks are the same:

Of course you need to treat such inexperienced advice with the contempt it deserves. All social networks are the same!

• Twitter Power Tip:

Direct Messages are a powerful tool in the Social Media Guru’s tool can be pretty effective.

You are the Centre of the Universe:

It’s not enough to KNOW you are the centre of the universe. you are incredibly important to your fans.

Numbers are EVERYTHING:

You need to keep an eye on your Klout and Kred scores. Never use tools like Commun.

Your Klout Score is The Guru Score:

Your Klout score is literally everything.If you follow the other tips in this article such as cross posting and automation this will certainly help.

Buy Reputation:

Of course you should buy followers on Twitter. There are so many fantastic services out there which are willing to take your hard earned cash in return for hundreds like Addmefast.

Don’t worry about design:

The cluttered look is very effective. A special power tip here is to use a funky font like Comic Sans to give that cool look. Leave professional design to the boring corporate types.

Don’t worry about content:

Social media and marketing has nothing to do with the quality of the content on your blog or social networks is not very important.

Use ALL the social platforms:

you must learn to have a presence on all social networks and master them.At a basic minimum you should be using YouTube.

Become a Retweet Master:

It’s important to give the impression that you are the centre of the universe and learn the art of one way communication. You would be forgiven for thinking that the art of retweeting goes against some of the other points in this article.

These are all about. Let us know your experience.


















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