How To Drive Traffic From Flickr To Your Blog

flickr traffic

Flickr Traffic

Flickr is an online photo management and sharing platform. You must have heard about Flickr.You can login at Flickr with your yahoo login credentials. You can get 1 TBfree space on Flickr to upload your photos.



 Now let’s get to the point that how you can drive traffic from Flickr to your blog.




Flickr is a high PR site. Getting a backlink from Flickr using your anchor text will be a great way to increase backlink.You can use it to generate   lots of traffic from Flickr and for brand building.

If you have some quality photos you can get huge traffic from Flickr. You can show your designing or photography work to thousands of people.First of all login to your Flickr account and fill your profile. Download their desktop application. You can also use Flickr Android or Apple application to upload bulk images. You can use your anchor text on Flickr to get traffic to your blog.

You can watermark all your images with any watermarking desktop tool.Open the Flickr image up loader and sign in with your Flickr. Paste your images you want to upload.Use proper Flickr photo tags so the users will find your images on Flickr easily.Select all of the images and add the description.

It will be no follow attribute link but this image will help you to drive traffic to your blog.upload each image you design to get traffic from Flickr. You may not get much traffic from Flickr as compare to Facebook or Stumble upon. You will get some quality traffic and from quick sources.You will also get some quality backlinks if someone uses your image on his blog or website.


You want to increase that disk space you need to go for premium account. For this you have to pay something. Images are one of those elements of Blogging. You can use it for traffic and also for Backlinks. Try to get through all these things described above. Wish these things will drive a huge traffic for your blog.







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