How To Get Traffic From Facebook To Your Blog

facebook traffic

Facebook Traffic

Facebook is one the best and most popular social networking sites. Think yourself how much traffic you can get from Facebook to your blog. You have to work hard and use Facebook wisely to get huge traffic.


On this article we are going to share all these things about how to get traffic from Facebook to your blog.


  • First for of all you need a Facebook account. You should create personal account using your name.You can create a fan page for your blog. Use your blog’s name and fan page’s name must be same.Put a short description about your blog in the description box. Invite your all friends to like your page and keep connected with it. It’s a great platform. It may be the main thing for Facebook traffic. Try to get Likes for your page as much as possible.


  • Share the post on your fan page. All you should to do is to click status and share the link of your blog’s post with short description in the blank box below status. Anyone may click Phototab and can add it. Give full description or describe all in fan page.Try to add a photo with your link. There is another advantage of using the photo. This will help increase likes and traffic.


  • You can add like or Fan box to your blog. Update your fan page regularly if you publish any new post in your blog. Write interesting things or share photos.All posts may not be interesting.People like latest news.Try to share latest news about technology in your fan page.


  • You can create your own group just like your fan page. It can also help to get more traffic.Many groups are available in Facebook. Join with them.If group’s niche and your blog’s niche are same it would be better. Never share your own links only.Nor, admin will block your account as a spammer.



Don’t do anything excessively. There are many ways by which you can get thousands of ‘likes’ in a minute. Follow all these and Keep trying.








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