How To Use Reddit To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Blog

reddit traffic

Reddit Traffic

Reddit is one of the best social bookmarking sites and very popular. Using it you can get thousands of visitors in your blog.



In this article we are going to share everything about to use this site to drive huge traffic to your blog.



Look at the left side of a submitted link in Reddit. Up arrow is for up-vote and down arrow is for down-vote. Voting system is also available for comments. You get this point when you will get an up-vote for your submitted link or comment. If total karma goes below a level your account can be banned. If you submit only your blog posts, it may happen.


Like other social bookmarking sites you have to select a category to submit your link. Benefit of Reddit is they have category for almost everything such as news. You may not find this feature to other sites. Thus, Reddit calls its category as subreddit. Reddit has a unique way to ban spammers. The user can do all works normally. Reddit ban a spammer silently. First login to your Reddit account and copy your profile URL. Paste your profile url into the address bar. If you are banned it will show ‘page not found’.


After creating your account for first few days forget about your own blog when you use Reddit. Try to get more and more up-votes and build Karma. Submit your own links when your Karma is around 150. Reddit rules say to submit post from other sites.Many users submit their links without knowing about the rules of sub-reddit. It has a spam filter which automatically filters out spam. Read the rules of sub-reddits where you want to submit your link because different sub-reddits have different rules.


You are almost done. Reddit won’t allow you to submit a lot of links every day. So, be careful about it. Follow all these things for getting huge traffic.








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