How To Use Technorati To Increase Traffic To Your Blog


technorati traffic

Technorati Traffic

Technorati is basically a search engine for blogs and blog posts. A publisher can sign up here for free and submit his blog. He can make content visible in search results on Technorati. He need to sign up is a blog and an associated RSS feed. Technorati also offers bloggers the chance to write articles for them.



In this article we are going to share all the things of Technorati to drive traffic for your blog.


The first thing you need to do is go to technorati and join. Sign up is pretty much the same as it is anywhere else. Fill in the blanks and click “join” at the bottom. You might have to go around a few times trying to find an available username. Next you will be given the standard activation prompt. Check the email account you entered in the sign up page and click the provided activation link.

Your technorati account is now active. After log in we’ll get started. Go over to the right top corner of the screen. Click on the generic gray silhouette. This will bring you to your profile. You can add a short biography here. To claim your blog scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you will see a bar titled ‘My Claimed Blogs’. Enter your blogs URL. Next click on “Claim”.

Fully fill all the details. This is also where you enter the prominent tags found in your blog to help technorati when processing searches. It is a good idea to have a description of your blog written up and saved in a text editor. This will help when registering your blog at blog directories as well. So go ahead and fill in the blanks. You will be notified that it may take some time to process. They will give you a code that you need to include in a blog post. Now you are done.

Submitting your blog to Technorati make it visible in their directory. It is a great social bookmarking site.There is much more to come. Be with us.







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