The Beginners Guide To Seeing Massive Pinterest Traffic



Since December 2009, Pinterest has started its journey. It allows you to save images in category wise. Starting with only 10,000 users it now became a platform with millions. It acts as a visual discovery tool. You may have good traffic for your website from Facebook or Twitter. But Pinterest can give you a good organic traffic.


Now we are going to guide you for seeing a massive traffic via Pinterest.


Let me give you some comparison factors. Facebook, where people share something that they like. How many shares can you expect per day? Of course it is not huge. Even if it happens, how many will visit your site from that link. The ratio will come down dramatically. Now come to the point of Pinterest. It is not exactly possible to count the heads that you got from this site for your website. When people visit your board they may get some interest. They share your board with the others.They pin it to their own board. These links directly send viewers to your traffic. These are only pics. So if the readers want to get more information, he would be directed to your site directly. In case of Facebook, one can guess the information with the detail links. So, one didn’t get much interest to visit the site.

Now the main point. How can a beginner do it? First of all, setup the image first. Give it a good name. But suggestion would be the name of your website, or any other name. You can use your social media name here. For basic information you can connect your Facebook link there. Now build up your boards. Pin your best content here. Don’t make a mistake here. It may end your profile career here. Here, you can allow multiple people to pin to a board. This will direct huge crowds to your site. Don’t forget to follow the terms and conditions of Pinterest. So, before starting have a look on them.


Follow different plans to increase traffic via this site. It may be the greatest way of best traffic for your website. So have patience and get the great opportunity.







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