The Case For Student Privacy On Social Media

student privacy on social media

Student Privacy On Social Media

Everybody’s worried about teens, on social media. Everyone wants students to learn to use social media responsibly.Some schools are blocking social media use during school hours.But many of these options are like playing whack-a-mole.It’s time we had a frank discussion about how teens use social media.



In this article we are going to give a brief idea about this thing.



One of the biggest needs teens have been connecting with friends. Social media became today’s teen culture. Today’s teen is too busy to leave home. Obligations leaves them little time to venture out to connect with friends. This desire to connect is a huge driver for this group that is stuck between adulthood and childhood.Social media has become their hangout.


Teens, struggle to build context in their world. They might be a gamer or, an athlete. Each of those communities has its own culture. Social media helps them connect with several communities at one time. They can connect with one group on Facebook or on Instagram.


Teens expect those around them to understand and respect their different social contexts. There are people who are confused by that expectation. Teens often construct different personas on different networks. They need some privacy also.


The trick is to balance the need for responsible use with their privacy needs. We should teach them how to build their online brand and represent others well, how to protect their Facebook,Twitter and other  social media accounts so they are private. Teens are more responsible than we give them credit for. We need to realize some of them have a need to be left alone. We’re not teaching them to hide. It’s just empowering them to build their own safe communities.


The reality of social media training is that it needs to keep these motivations in mind.Social media training should not only work to appease the adults that surround the kids. It’s time to help students learn how to protect their privacy on social media.








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