Top Secret Tips and Tricks for Getting The Most Out Of Twitter

twitter secret tips and tricks

Twitter Secret Tips

Many people want more followers on Twitter. You might be one of them.I use to leverage more out of Twitter to find what I am looking for.


In this article I am going to give you some exclusive tips about of getting the most out of twitter.


  • There may be a question in your mind that, Where Do You Find All Those Links That You Post?You can start with a Google search. It will yield some good results.The Wisdom of the crowd could be your favorite resources. You can also use Diigo. Here you can look for specific tags of items that folks have shared. You will get better results there than anywhere else. Keepyour links there too for anyone to be able to find. Don’t hesitate to revisit and post something that you already posted a while back.


  • Google Reader is another place. You can follow lots of different blogs on lots of different subjects. It is like going down the rabbit hole. You can get really deep looking for stuff and great content to share along the way.


  • You can retweet from other folks. Find great contents. Following people for their quality should be your target. Following as many people as you can won’t bring any result. Retweets extend the reach of your network.The RT extends the content and grows the network.


  • Make Sure You Don’t Miss Everything Without Staying On Twitter 24/7.One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to be on Twitter all the time. It’s not correct. If stuff is really good or “not to miss” lots of people will pass it around over the course of several hours/days.


  • Hashtags are a great way to keep up with stuff. It allows you to go back in time up to 2 weeks to find stuff. It is a great way to track conversations and to find people to follow.


Sure, you have to spend some personal capitol keeping up and growing your network. Have your plan today and follow all these things for this social media site.






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