Twitter, a great media for social media marketing

TwitterSocial media is playing a great role in our daily life. We all are well habituated with this. So targeting this social media as an advertising platform is a very good idea indeed.


Twitter is the second most popular social media after “Facebook”. So you can use it as a good way for the campaign of your product, service or any other things. For a small business it is tough to keep a big budget for advertising. Even if possible, you had to spend a lot for higher numbers of visitors. In initial stage for a good numbers of visitors attraction twitter can be a good platform. Twitter is based on followers. If you share your product details, it would show as a short message on your follower’s home page. It would be your duty to impress them for more sharing of your message. If they also share this, you will get a good numbers of readers of your advertisement. You can give the product link, photos, videos etc. along with your message. But keep one thing in your mind that your description should  be within 140 words.  For your convenience, there are almost 500 million registered users in twitter and the number of posts is 340 million per day.


So, you can now understand how easily you can attain a huge crowd for your product. And obviously it is absolutely free for you. As a social media marketer build your profile on twitter today and spread your campaign to the whole world.






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