YouTube Tips,Tricks & Secret Features You Might have Missed


YouTube Secret Tips

YouTube is the extremely popular social video sharing website averaging more than 3 billion page views per day. No introduction is needed for its fans who spend a considerable amount of their time on it. There are some features that are hidden deep within.


We are going to share all of these in our post. So, let’s begin.


  • YouTube videos may take too much time to load on your internet connection. Visit YouTube MySpeed page to find your video streaming speed. Now compare it with the average speed of your ISP. Now you can solve the problem.


  • You can replace your music players with YouTube Disco. This project allows you to find the videos of your choice. You can create a list of them and then easily watch them without having the need to choose a new video after anyone.


  • Play the classic Snakes game while watching any video in your browser. All you have to Just pause and resume a video and hold the left arrow key for 2 seconds. This only works on the new YouTube player.


  • You can edit your videos before uploading them. You don’t need to use the software because it lets you to do all of that online with YouTube Editor. The best part about YouTube Editor is that it allows you to find copyright free music.


  • You can enjoy watching videos just like you watch television. YouTube Lean back plays high quality full screen videos tailored to your choices. You can choose a category to watch videos from and watch featured videos.


  • YouTube has an XL version for large screen sizes. It allows users on smart TVs browse videos more effectively.


  • YouTube Live lets you find all live broadcasts available. There is a list of videos that are scheduled to be broadcast at a later date.


These are all about.You must remember, it is the most popular social media for video sharing. Follow these and this site. There are more tricks releasing soon. So, be with us and have fun.






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